HR Philosophy: People-oriented
GIPO offers employees not only salaries but also more development opportunities. It roots its management improvement on improving staff ability, and its development on staff development. It tries its best to provide every employee a stage for development as it knows that staff success means company success.
GIPO is committed to creating a care-free environment for working, living and development. It is responsible for not only staff’s work, but also their growth, development and future. It is determined to cultivate the staff into pioneering talents with the right thinking and mind.
To enlarge and strengthen the company is not just because GIPO should shoulder its due social responsibility; more importantly, it’s because it shoulders the future of its employees. To be a world top enterprise and pay back to the society is GIPO’s objective. Its cohesiveness is based on its faith. A collective could not be united without faith, and it won’t lose its way or slack its morale when faced with difficulties. Therefore, each employee should believe the corporate faith. The development potentials of human beings are unlimited, and the source and proliferation of potential lies in the person’s spiritual state.
Talents are rather “capital” than “commodity.” Putting Talents on the Height of Operation and Service, Making the Best Use of Talents—GIPO’s HR View.
Be the Right Person, to Do the Right Things, Positive Work Attitude, Strong Ability—GIPO’s Employment Standard Serving the Society, Starting with Me
The World Shines Because of Us.

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